5 Ways to Nail Packing for Short Trips

Packing for short trips is my nemesis.

There are two things to be learned from this statement:
One - My list of enemies is thankfully rather short. 
Two - Packing sucks.

BUT it can be made easier. Here are my top tips to help you stop trying to stuff in the kitchen sink and pack like a pro on your next weekend break.

1. Be like Santa 

And by that I don’t mean stuff everything into your sack. 

Make a list and check it twice. Then maybe a third time too. 

It’s easy to forget the little essentials like your phone charger or hair bands. We’ve all had that facepalm moment when you go to grab something from your bag only to realize you never packed it. If you’re a scatterbrain like me, lists help to ensure you’ll have everything you’re going to need and you can easily eliminate the non-essentials. 

 2. Pack into a smaller bag than you’re taking 

Think of this as your Simon Cowell in the Six Chair Challenge moment. 
“Curling tongs, you were great but the straighteners have more to give. I’m afraid it’s a no this time.” 

Prioritise the things you need and cut out the things you maybe, might, possibly need. Then when it comes to putting stuff into your actual bag it will lighter and roomier. Double win. Simon would be proud. 

3. Minis to the max 

Whenever possible, find out if the place you’re going provides toiletries. If you don’t need to take your own shampoo, toothpaste etc. it will save you a lot of room and unnecessary weight. If you’re not sure, stock up on minis or decant into travel bottles. 

There’s no point taking more than you know you’ll need and if you're going to be carrying your bag around for a while your shoulders will thank you for it. 

4. Be prepared 

Going on a city break? Make sure your shoes are comfy. 

Off for a spa weekend? Don’t forget to pack some swimwear 

Staying at a nudist camp? You, my friend, are good to go ;) 

My point is, if you know what you’ll be doing then you know exactly what you’ll need to take. Make sure to check things like the weather, how much walking you’ll be doing etc.  and pack appropriately with tried and tested items. 

New shoes that look beautiful will be no good when you're limping around because they rub like hell. Stick to the old faithfuls. 

5. Take a tote 

Anything you take with you on a weekend away will automatically double in size as soon as you take it out of your bag – trust me, it’s physics. Ok maybe not but things never fit back in as easily as they came out. A handy little tote takes up next to no room and you can whip it out if things just won’t stuff back in ... or in case you accidentally do a little bit of shopping along the way. I won't judge.

These are the tips I try to stick to and I hope they help you if you’re planning a short trip any time soon. 

I’d love to hear your tips for packing into carry luggage. Please leave any handy hints below.

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