The Crop Top

Hey MTV, welcome to my crib. 

Kidding of course...my home isn't nearly this tidy ;)

Hooray, Spring is here at last. Is there a better feeling than the sun on your skin after what feels like an eternity of cold months?

I have been peeling off the layers like an onion and it feels goood. Ok it might only be around 12°C at best, but still, that's practically tropical isn't it?

In an effort to dress more Springy - but still avoid hypothermia - I've been digging this long-sleeve crop top from SDNY.

It was definitely an interesting experience getting these photos. We were inside an abandoned (and roofless) building with huge holes in the floor. Seriously creepy but filled with bright colours. Also the grammar nerd in me wishes I'd had a pen so I could have corrected 'your' to 'you're' in the graffiti. 

Yup I'm a wild one.

Top - Here
Jeans - Here
Trainers - Adidas 

I'm very tempted to get the matching leggings to this top but, given how comfy this is, I know I'll end up living in them and I'm not sure I can pull off looking like a sprout. Still tempted though... 

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