DIY Pedicure

If you don't know already, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

The false nails from Primark are the bee's knees.

Where else can you get an Insta-worthy manicure for just £1? I've been using the falsies for years and I love them, but I'm always left with the nails that are way too big for anyone's thumb. I was mid-sort out and about to throw away all of the oversized stragglers when I had a lightbulb moment. They may not fit on fingers but they are the perfect size for toes.

If you fancy uping your pedicure game, this is a really pretty and affordable way to do it. 

Just pick the largest sized nails from your pack and choose a contrasting or complementary polish for the rest of your toes, et voila! Perfect pedicures just in time for summer.

The great thing is they last a long time too. I've found the nails stay put for 4-6 weeks easily, which is great if you're a lazy girl like me who wants fancy feet without all the upkeep. This pedicure I posted on my Instagram lasted through sun, sea, sand and then some.

A little heads up too, I'm a fan of using Boots' own nail glue rather than the one that comes in the pack. I find it lasts much longer for both fingers and toes and it's still purse-friendly too.

Let me know what you think to this little beauty hack and if you'd like me to share some more.

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