It's All Good Baby Baby

When a top makes you feel as Badass MC as Kevin Gnapoor you know you're doing something right.

Apparently my own rap skills leave a lot to be desired (not that that will ever stop me). But I don't mind saying it with a slogan tee instead.

Top - Here  Jeans - Topshop  Jacket - Primark

I've found myself knotting a lot of my tops like this now that the weather is getting nicer - it only rained five out of seven days last week so that counts as nice doesn't it?

A simple knot adds a little cheekiness and femininity to even the baggiest of tops. Plus, if you're out and about and accidentally develop a food baby you can just undo the knot and tuck it in - sorted! Believe me, that's a tried and tested method right there ;)


Thank you for commenting. I read and appreciate every single one :)

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