5 Ways to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

I will start by saying that I actually really enjoy my job. As much as I would enjoy being Kylie Jenner - getting paid bucket loads for like realising stuff - I have to say, as far as jobs go I think mine is pretty great. 

But that's not to say I don't still get that sinking feeling on a Sunday evening as the weekend draws to a close. After a couple of days with loved ones, having fun and doing whatever you like, it's difficult not to begrudge setting the Monday morning alarm. To help ease the Sunday night blues, here are a few tips I try to follow. 

1. Get the boring stuff out of the way
It doesn't help that Sunday evenings usually involve preparing for the week of work ahead. That's why I like to get as many of the boring chores out of the way as early as possible so that Sunday is less of a pre-Monday. I've been known to do the workwear ironing on a Friday night - don't tell me I don't know how to party ;) - when I still have the whole weekend stretching out in front of me it doesn't feel like such a task, especially if I'm accompanied by a glass of rosé.

2. Set a goal
Something you want to achieve at work that week. Whether it's getting a new client on board or going the extra mile with a presentation. Tell yourself you're going to do something that will make you proud and feel like a total boss lady. Be your own personal cheerleader and you'll bounce into Monday with plenty of motivation to boss it.

3. Plan a mid-week treat
Having something to look forward to always helps. Whether it's grabbing a pizza for date night or a Wednesday catch-up with the girls, break up your Monday to Friday with a little treat - you deserve it! Plus, plenty of places do mid-week offers too so even your bank balance will be saying treat yo'self!

4. Pamper time
Settle in to your Sunday evening with a pamper session and you'll be too chilled to even care what a Monday Morning is. Crack out the candles, the bubblebath and the face mask and relaxxx.

5. Make the most of your weekend
A weekend of unrealised potential is bound to set your week off to a negative start. Make the most of the time you have - go on a mini adventure, drink the fanciest cocktail, laugh as much as you can with the ones you love. If you know you've made the most of your weekend you'll go to bed on Sunday with a happy heart and plenty of stories to tell over coffee on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend lovely xx

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