DIY: Easy Peasy Valentine Nails

Whether you're a fan of Valentine's, Galentine's or you're just all about the pancakes (I feel ya, sister). February is the month of lurveee so why not show it on your nails with this super simple DIY.

All you need is a couple of polishes and some celotape. Paint your nails in your chosen colour and wait for them to dry.

Then cut off a piece of celotape, fold it in half and cut out a heart shape in the size you want - smaller for a full hear or larger for a heart-shaped tip. 

Place it onto your nail when they've dried and get painting. Wait for it to completely dry and gently peel off the tape. And that's it! Easy peasy Valentine's nails that you can be in love with all year round.

Let me know if you give this a go. Love, Kirsty x

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